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Scubapro Fouta Ručník
Scubapro Fouta Ručník
Krátky popis Diskontní produkt Scubapro Fouta Ručník od výrobce Scubapro u nás najdete levně od 702 Kč
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EAN 4048336426299
We have partnered with LeStoff to offer a modern, high -quality SCUBAPRO fouta towel. They are very absorbent, quick drying and compact for diving, beach, pool and other sport and leisure activities. LeStoff’s premium quality and commitment to high standards made this an easy choice. You can use your SCUBAPRO towel knowing that it is produced in the best conditions, respecting your health, the environment and the dignity of each link in the production chain.   Certified without toxic substances, with OEKO-TEX label Certified Organic Made from 100% flat woven natural combed cotton Dimensions: 100 x 180 cm. Weight: 275gm Wash at 40°C for best long wear durability.
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