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Sola Video 2500 Action Kit
Sola Video 2500 Action Kit
Krátky popis Ve slevě produkt Sola Video 2500 Action Kit od výrobce Light and Motion u nás najdete ve slevě od 18900 Kč
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Light and Motion
Jumpstart your SOLA system with the Sola Video 2500 Action Kit Double, a powerful kit for all your underwater adventures. Sola Video lights are the most compact and brightest lights in their class, providing photo and video enthusiasts with power and flexibility in a small package. The Sola Video 2500 Flood has an extraordinarily smooth 60 degree beam pattern; dual lights ensure your camera captures an entire scene. Sola Video 2500 Action Kit includes two Sola Video 2500 Flood lights 2500 lumen flood output certified to the FL-1 Standard Regulated output ensures light does not dim in use; custom firmware keeps lumens consistent 60° flood beam designed for wide-angle video Custom optics produce a clean beam void of distracting hot spots or harsh edges Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management Factory sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability External wet charge interface means recharging is quick and dependable Travel-friendly design with minimal weight or bulk approved for carry-on and check-in luggage Includes camera tray ideal for mounting GoPro and other POV camera systems, Camera Not Included   Technické detaily: Lumins Output: High (2500), Medium (1250), Low (625) Charge time: 150 Min Beam Angle: 60° (flood) IP Rating (FL-1): 68 Depth Rating (FL-1): 100 meters Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter Thermal Management: Passive Cooling Fast Charge: False Product Dimensions: 4" x 2. 1" x 2. 1"        .
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